by PJ Brunet
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Frontend Services

  • WordPress Theme Changes, Plugin Development
  • Crawlable Multi-Category Responsive Sitemaps
  • Multi-Category, SEO-Indexable Chatrooms
  • Position Graphics, CSS Style Sheets, Clickable Maps
  • Search Engines, Control Panels, Forms & Datagrids
  • Responsive Text, Responsive Design
  • Adsense Optimization, Target & Position Ads

Backend Services

  • PHP Application Development, Domain Management
  • Automatic Keyword Extraction From Content
  • Image Management, Image Crawling, Image Resizing
  • Google Cloud Storage, Media & Backup Management
  • MySQL Tuning, Migration, Automated Backups
  • RSS Downloading, Processing, Generation
  • Dead Link Crawling, Auto-Remove Broken Links


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PJ started building online services in 5th grade. As a freshman at University of Florida, he had already coded a web reporting system for IBM in Boca Raton. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts, he coded user-engagement algorithms, analytics dashboards, web crawlers and other tools using Java, Javascript, Perl and PHP. He started blogging with WordPress in 2004 and was soon ranked #1 in Google for "WordPress Programmer" and "Facebook Tracking" and many other keywords. While studying Magazine Article Writing in San Antonio, he wrote a WordPress plugin to uncover social media trends, launching his personal blog to 12 million pageviews.


    → Replaced WordPress with a custom PHP application to gather more news
    → 1000s of feeds & photos are downloaded hourly to 100s of categories
    → Custom code tracks today's most popular headlines
    → Responsive design for millions of blog posts
    → WordPress real estate theme updates: color scheme, navigation, content changes
    → Clickable community image map, master plan annotation graphics
    → Custom contact form for lead generation
    → Video transcoding for cross-platform HTML5 video player with custom thumbnail graphic
    → Custom counselor/therapist website template
    → Worked with client on color scheme and concept
    → Simple, device-independent design
    → Each page has a different quote, animated with jQuery
    → Google Apps email hosting setup
    → Migration to faster server, TheCentsAbleShoppin now averages one million pageviews/month
    → Design changes led to $4000/month increase in Adsense revenue
    → Custom "Recently In This Category" plugin & new header design
    → Custom contact form plugin with image uploader for readers to submit photos
    → Created mobile-friendly, minimal bbPress forum theme for WordPress
    → One-click LinkedIn social login through LinkedIn API captures LinkedIn URL
    → Created concept, content, logo and matching CSS colors
    → WordPress plugin browses MySQL data, sorts realtime fundraising data
    → No page refreshes, AJAX animated with jQuery
    → Filter by branch, location and need, cookies remember search preferences and page you're on
    → Created from designer's mockup in two weeks
    → Multi-city, multi-domain news network wanted a better way to manage multiple WordPress blogs
    → Merged all databases to circumvent complexity of WordPress Multisite, custom NginX config for unlimited cities and unlimited domains
    → Editors publish posts to cities simply clicking WordPress categories
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I would like to thank PJ for the professional support. He really gave me great help to improve the performance of my WordPress website. — Gabriel Bagarotto

PJ is an outstanding developer and did a fantastic job as my lead developer at eWallstreeter. — Mitchell Brown

PJ is exactly the kind of WordPress/PHP/MySQL developer you'd want to have in your corner. He's obsessed with performance, is always thinking of creative solutions to problems, and really loves what he does. — Josh Cunningham